Behringer says that it plans to “turn the synth world upside down” with a desktop version of its Oberheim-inspired UB-Xa

Downsized UB-Xa D ditches the 61-note keyboard

Three months on from the keyboard version of the Behringer UB-Xa going on saleBehringer says that it’s planning to “turn the synth world upside down” with the release of a desktop model.


Quite what this means we’re not sure – the only thing turned on its head so far is a photo of the new instrument – but for those who want a more compact and affordable emulation of the Oberheim OB-Xa synth, the release of the UB-Xa D (D standing for Desktop, we assume) could be welcome news.


Although the UB-Xa D loses the UB-Xa’s 61-note aftertouch keyboard, we’re assuming that the majority of the synth’s other features – VCOs and VCFs that are “heavily based” on the originals, 16 voices, 512 program memories, MIDI support and eight vintage modes, for example – will remain. Given that the keyboard version costs $1,199, we’d expect the price to be less than $1,000, but this is still to be confirmed.