Native Instruments introduces Ozone 11, Nectar 4 and Guitar Rig 7, and brings them together in Music Production Suite 6

A new bundle of plugins to help you throughout the tune-crafting process

Now that all the brands that were previously under the auspices of Soundwide (iZotope, Brainworx and Plugin Alliance) are part of Native Instruments, the company (NI, that is) is free to release Music Production Suite 6, a new software bundle that contains products from across the roster.


If you were wondering what happened to Music Production Suites 1 to 5, these were iZotope bundles, but Native Instruments is now the name on the cover, so to speak.

Anyway, the important thing to note is that Music Production Suite 6 contains more than 30 plugins, with the big headliners being the Ozone 11 Advanced mastering package, the Nectar 4 Advanced vocal processing bundle, and Guitar Rig Pro 7, a guitar effects toolbox.

These are new versions of the aforementioned products; Ozone now comes with a Clarity Module to “maximise spectral power”, and its new Stem Focus feature promises to salvage problematic mixes by working its magic on isolated stems within them. Nectar, meanwhile, gets an Auto-Level module that can be used as an alternative to a compressor, a Voices module for layering and creating “harmonic motion”, and an AI-powered Backer module that delivers virtual backing vocals.

Over in Guitar Rig 7, you’ll find 100 new rack presets, four new lo-fi components, and new amps and pedals powered by machine learning.


Music Production Suite also contains Neutron 4, RX 10 Standard, Neoverb, Tonal Balance Control 2, Insight 2, VocalSynth 2, Audiolens, two Exponential Audio reverbs, the Brainworx Creative Mixing Set, and several Native Instruments effects.

Music Production Suite 6 is currently available for the introductory price of $449 (regular price $599) while the three versions of Ozone 11 – Advanced, Standard and Elements – can be purchased for $299, $149 and $39 respectively (regular prices will be $399, $199 and $49). 

Similarly, Nectar 4 Advanced, Standard and Elements are currently down from $299, $199 and $49 to $224, $149 and $39. Guitar Rig 7 Pro costs $199.

You can find out more on the iZotope and Native Instruments websites.