Modalics releases MINDst Drums, a new sampled drum kit plugin that promises realism and authenticity

This drum sampler is focused on delivering the subtle, micro-detailed nuances that make a MIDI drum kit sound true to life

Modalics has announced the release of MINDst Drums, a new sample drum kit plugin that promises to deliver a “uniquely authentic” sound.


MINDst Drums is a highly detailed sampled drum kit equipped with a new sampler engine designed by Modalics specifically for this plugin. In creating the software, Modalics collaborated with “long-time musical collaborator and drum guru” Doron Giat to figure out how to capture the nuance and detail of an authentic drum performance using sampling technology. 

MINDst Drums (pronounced “mindset”) is based on a library of over 50,000 samples recorded using a one-of-a-kind DW custom kit, paired with Doron Giat’s custom cymbal series. The library is said to offer a hugely diverse range of sounds, including multiple velocities, articulations, and playing styles. 

The user can choose where to strike the snare, whether to play the hi-hat with one or two hands, or even whether their virtual drummer is right or left-handed. Details like these are said to combine to create a plugin that delivers convincing performances with enough variety to make looped beats sound fresh and surprising.

The plugin is kitted out with a drum mixer that offers built-in effects (reverb, compression, EQ and drive) alongside dozens of presets and patterns crafted by Modalics’ team of sound designers, mixing engineers and artists.


MINDst Drums’ MSRP is $149 but the plugin is available now at $99. It’ll run on Windows and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. 

Find out more on Modalics’ website.