MP11SE/MP7SE Stage Piano software update v1.05 released

Kawai Japan has issued a software update for the MP11SE/MP7SE Stage Pianos.

This recommended v1.05 update incorporates a wide range of fixes relating to the metronome tempo, the storing of parameters, the appearance of button LEDs, pedal functionality, recorder and SMF saving, and various other improvements.

The full MP11SE/MP7SE v1.05 update changelog is shown below:

– Improved: Keys that are beyond the supported range when Octave Shift/Transpose is applied will no longer produce a note.
– Improved: Changed the effect of the DCA Touch Depth parameter for piano sounds.
– Fixed: Some parameters could not be stored correctly in some cases.
– Fixed: Metronome tempo value could change unintentionally in some cases.
– Fixed: Button LED status did not change in some cases.
– Fixed: Button LEDs could flicker in some cases.
– Improved: Removed noise that could occur when switching to the Pitch category EFX.
– Fixed: Active sensing Receive error would not work properly when Rcv.Mode=Panel.
– Improved: Pedal Off message would not be sent correctly when a MIDI ZONE is turned off. [MP11SE]
– Improved: Pedal Off message would not be sent correctly when turning off a ZONE set to EXT mode. [MP7SE]
– Fixed: Mod.Range value of a MIDI ZONE is now set correctly when a SETUP is selected. [MP11SE]
– Fixed: Mod.Range value of a ZONE set to EXT mode is now set correctly when a SETUP is selected. [MP7SE]
– Fixed: A-B Repeat function would not work correctly when playing MIDI recorder songs in some cases.
– Fixed: Save SMF function would generate an incorrect SysEX message.
– Fixed: Count-in REC function would not start when using the Audio Recorder in some cases.
– Fixed: Drum sounds couldn’t be selected via MIDI when Rcv.Mode=Panel and Prog.Mode=GM. [MP7SE]
– Fixed: Various other operability and display-related issues.

MP11SE/MP7SE owners are encouraged to update their instruments to use this latest software version.  We also recommend that users backup any custom settings, SOUNDs, SETUPs, etc. before applying the update.

The software update files and accompanying update instructions can be downloaded from the support sections of the respective product pages, or the software updates page of the Kawai Global website, accessible via the following URLs:

Note that Kawai software updates are cumulative, i.e. the v1.05 update includes any fixes and improvements provided with all previous versions.