Casio to Co-Sponsor International Physics Olympiad 2023

TOKYO, May 17, 2023 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today its co-sponsorship of the International Physics Olympiad 2023, an international physics competition for high school students around the world, along with the donation of Casio ClassWiz fx-82CW scientific calculators for use in the competition.

The International Physics Olympiad, an international competition for high school students and other participants from countries around the world, is held for the purpose of heightening interest in physics and boosting student skills in the subject, as well as developing the study of physics in participating countries through international exchange. This year marks the 53rd time the event has taken place, since the first International Physics Olympiad in Poland in 1967, and is the first to be held in Japan. More than 400 people from some 90 countries are expected to participate in the 53rd Olympiad, which will be held July 10–17, 2023.

Casio aims to improve the quality of education through its education business, an aspiration captured by the business statement, “Boost Your Curiosity — Support learning and boost your curiosity towards learning.” Toward this end, Casio conducts GAKUHAN activities to promote the use of scientific calculators in schools around the world, develops scientific calculators tailored to mathematics education in different countries, develops classroom lessons that utilize these calculators, and provides support for teacher training.

The decision to co-sponsor the International Physics Olympiad was based on the determination that the competition’s purpose of advancing physics complements Casio education business activities well. Casio plans to donate its fx-82CW scientific calculators, which feature a user-friendly UI that even beginners can easily operate, for use by participants during the Olympiad testing. In addition, the Science and Technology Experience Corner, where supporting companies share their technologies with students, will display Casio scientific calculators so that students can learn about these calculators and their history and use them to solve quiz questions based on familiar situations.

By co-sponsoring this event, Casio hopes to promote the use of scientific calculators in educational settings around the world in order to support worldwide education.