[G-SHOCK 2023] GM-110VB — Reflecting Retro Mechanical Elements

G-SHOCK unveils two remarkable watches, which draw inspiration from retro aesthetics and showcase mechanical elements.

Introducing the GM-110VG-1A9, its golden IP coating enhances the 3D three-dimensional large dial, creating a bold and rugged appearance with the incorporation of metal texture technology. This timepiece radiates a tough and intricate allure.

In contrast, the GM-110VB-1A boasts a black and gray color scheme, exuding an air of mystery and power. The incorporation of gray old IP coating further accentuates the watch’s exquisite details, instilling a distinct mechanical feel.

Highlighting the artistic fusion of futuristic cool mecha and steampunk retro inspiration, the golden watch also includes a trendy toy, “Time Warrior,” designed by the renowned “Godfather of Chinese Mecha”. This combination emphasizes a creative blend of styles.

Equipped with a shockproof, antimagnetic, and robust energy core, these timepieces fearlessly traverse through time, unlocking boundless imaginative possibilities